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Regardless of the angle from which you look at the Audi R8, one thing is certain: it is a top-class sports car that combines aesthetics with even more power than ever before. The Audi R8 proves that great power and elegance can create a perfect marriage. After the comprehensive refreshment, the Audi R8 convinces with its stunning performance and elaborate design, and its even more predatory appearance combines them with motorsport more than any other Audi.

The new suspension in the Audi R8 affects the stability and precision of driving. The steering assistance – for both the dynamic steering and the electromechanical system – has been retuned. This makes the system’s responses even more precise over the entire speed range.

The cockpit focuses on the essentials: the driver. Ignition activation, driving modes, multimedia systems – each function can be conveniently controlled by the driver from the steering wheel. The innovative Audi Virtual Cockpit also focuses on the driver. The bright and contrasting 12.3-inch display shows a lot of useful information while driving, and the driver can choose between three different views, depending on his preferences. For example, in the performance view, the tachometer is broken down into metrics such as torque, engine power, oil and tire temperature, g-forces, or race lap times.

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Each of our cars we offer both on short ,like and long rental period. Due to the fact that we are a very dynamically developing company, with branches in many cities , we can propose sports car rental i luxury on exceptionally attractive terms. Rental offer long term is prepared individually for each client. We are open to all forms of cooperation, e.g. special events, rental for a film set the car and rental for events. We also offer delivery of the car to the customer’s door. It is possible renting a car with a driver oraz pick up the car at the airport.